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Clara Krebs, MD FAAFP

Clara Krebs, MD FAAFP is known as one of the best primary care physicians in Hawaii having consistently won awards for both quality of care and patient satisfaction.  Dr. Krebs graduated with honors in biology and biochemistry while playing division 1 soccer at the University of Virginia.  She spent 4 years as a published biochemical researcher at the University of Virginia Center for the Study of Neurodegenerative Diseases studying neurodegeneration, mitochondrial dysfunction, and neurological oxidative damage.  

Now with 20 years clinical experience, 11 years of healthcare leadership in Hawaii, she is creating an advanced holistic practice which is unconstrained from insurance, pharmaceutical companies, and government. She is redefining the doctor – patient relationship with time, trust, and access.  She combines her unique background in biochemistry and family medicine to create precision personalized care.

Clear Medical
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Clear Medical

A functional medicine and primary care clinic designed by local Kauai doctors to radically change healthcare. Tired of the revolving door of pills, referrals and bandaids?  Dr. Clara Krebs founded Clear Medical to focus on patient centered wellness rather than traditional disease centered medicine.  Clear Medical is a clinic designed to bring nutrition and wellness to cutting edge science combining both evidence based functional medicine and family medicine. 

Functional medicine and family medicine are a natural blend to prevent chronic disease and optimize health.  Functional medicine is a science based approach that determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the biochemical system causes of illness for each individual.


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