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Functional medicine (FM) works to determine the underlying causes of disease and to promote optimal wellness with a patient-centered, individualized, science-based approach.

Dr. Krebs works with patients to understand their genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors. She then is able to utilize that data to create a personalized treatment plan to address the root cause of disease and reversal of disease by using low-risk interventions to support all systems, even down to as small as the cells of a patient’s body. This detailed approach is not only used to interrupt and reverse disease but also promotes overall well being and longevity.

An FM evaluation at Clear Medical includes extensive medical history and chart review, lab interpretation, and treatment plans.


Note: Functional Medicine lab testing is different from conventional lab testing that a typical doctor might order. Advance lab testing is a dynamic test that checks the functional state your body is in at a specific time. These labs help evaluate how well your body is or is not functioning on a spectrum of health rather than just diagnosing a disease. Many people without any diagnosable disease still don’t feel well. The labs ordered by Dr. Krebs will give an in-depth look into the root cause of your health issues. These labs will be charged separately and will be tailored to your needs and budget. We recommend budgeting no less than $400 for this purpose. 


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