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Clear Medical is committed to working with you to help your body work optimally. A healthy weight reduces stress on the functions of the body, but is often no more than a mention in a traditional doctor’s office.

Factors that contribute to weight gain include:

    • Our Environment- BPA, Phthalates, plastic polymers, etc.
    • Our Microbiome which is directly impacted by our environment
    • Medications we may be taking
    • Lifestyle choices
    • Food Allergens
    • Genetics
    • Underlying medical conditions which cause people to feel unwell and make poor lifestyle choices.
    • Adrenal and Hormonal Health

Dr. Krebs will be looking at your body as a whole to determine the root cause of your weight gain or lack of weight loss. Together, you will create a plan to assist your body in weight loss to support its overall functioning. Discussing weight, using medication to reduce weight and maintain healthy BMI is often underutilized by physicians. Medication is only part of the puzzle but an important part of helping attain a healthy weight and disease prevention. However, weight loss medication works synergistically with lifestyle changes and exercise.


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