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Within the gastrointestinal tract is a complex ecosystem referred to as the microbiome.  Approximately 500-1,000 complex bacteria species that promote whole body health. Through years of sanitizing our environment and medically altering out natural flora of the human body, this ecosystem has been under attack. The loss of these complex bacteria within the human gut has shown a direct correlation to the loss of health within the person.

More attention has been brought to the research on the microbiome in the last 10 years. The Function Medicine Institute reports these health promoting bacteria influence physiological function (particularly metabolism), local mucosal homeostasis, inflammation, and immunity. Supporting a healthy microbiome is an important cornerstone for immune health and response to infections, as well as overall longevity of whole body health.

Assessment for Microbiome health will include: 

    • Assessment of the mouth
    • Assessment of lifestyle
    • Treatment plan using IFM timeline
    • Conditions in which stool testing should be pursued
    • The role of prebiotics

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